Top 10 YouTube SEO Tools for Your Channel in 2021

The video is the most preferred content type in the present online world. Many businesses use the medium as part of their digital marketing efforts. And when we mention video, there is no way we can leave YouTube out of the mix.

The video-sharing platform is the second most populated search engine on the planet, which hosts more than two billion active users – trailing not far behind its parent company Google. Users constantly log in to the platform for their informational or entertainment needs. When you consider the potential on this platform, it would be in your best interest to allocate considerable time and resources to market on YT. YouTubers buy YouTube subscribers to improve their prospects on social media.

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Quality always precedes quantity. Improving the reach of your content involves:

The entire process is long and time-consuming. Hence, we have decided to make it a tad bit easier for the creators by putting together some of the best YouTube SEO tools that you can find in the market.

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO consists of a set of activities undertaken by YouTubers to improve the positioning of their videos in the search results for users' queries.

People that visit YouTube use the search bar for their content needs - this is your chance to show your video to potential watchers interested in the topics you cover.

Videos that secure higher positions in results receive the majority of the search traffic. Your job is to do everything possible to secure top spots for all your content. That is YouTube SEO in a nutshell.

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Best YouTube SEO tools

Google trends

You cannot start optimizing your content for search without having a firm grasp of your audience's interest in the topics you address. Videos that get uploaded on the platform are targeted towards a specific niche - the question is, what is yours?

Google has provided you a solution in the form of "Google trends." Using this YouTube SEO tool is very easy. You can narrow down the suggestion by following the below steps.

You can get even more specific by adding another topic for comparison and see how they stack up against each other.

Each topic Google Trends provides a set of relevant queries. Also, you are given access to maps to understand audience preferences across the globe. Once you find all you need about your topic, you can download this report to your desktop or share it with relevant entities.

YouTube autocomplete

Although technically not a tool for SEO, YouTube's in-built autocomplete feature indeed feels like one when you uncover its uses. The tool cubes in handy to find primary keywords for your video optimization.

Being a search engine YouTube keeps track of users' search behavior. YT populates the box with many relevant keywords used by the audience to search for similar content whenever you type in a search query.

For example: if you type in a search query for "Ronaldo," YouTube will recommend key phrases like "Ronaldo skills," "Ronaldo best goals," "Ronaldo transfer," etc., which are relevant to your seed term.

If you want to reach more people with your videos, use the YouTube autocomplete feature to find out how your audience searches and create a video around it.

Google keyword planner

If we are talking about YouTube SEO tools, we cannot complete this list without Google's very own free keyword planner, which you can access from Google Ads. Your time is best spent discovering the right keywords for your videos - this creates the foundation of your YT strategy.

When you are clear on your topic, you can undertake keyword research with a seed phrase and discover relevant search terms that get used the most by your target audience.

You can set filters to narrow down your keywords and be more specific. Average monthly searches and the level of competition are the two primary factors you need to consider before selecting your keywords. All your discovered search terms will be saved to a plan, along with relevant metrics, which you can export to your desktop.

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VidIQ is amongst the best YouTube SEO tools, which also is a browser extension. The tool shows you stats for every video you play, making it easier to research competitors, compare their performance with your own, and uncover advanced metrics on any content of your choice.

The 'Most Viewed' feature on VidIQ enables creators to pit YouTube's best-performing content against each other. To reach more users with your content, you can take help from the "Facebook syndication feature" and share your creations across multiple social media platforms. You can also set email alerts to get notifications on topics trending within your niche.


Canva is counted amongst the most used YouTube SEO tools. You can use it to design attractive graphics for your channel. You will compel your audience to click on your videos if they find your thumbnail appealing.

Canva helps bring out the designer in you. The website has multiple templates at your disposal. With Canva's easy-to-use drag and drop interface, you can design different eye-catching graphics such as logo, Channel art, thumbnail, etc., from scratch and make your video pop up.


Do you think optimizing your web pages for search is essential? Well, the same is true for your video content, if not more. We say this because YouTubers don't have much time on their hand for YouTube SEO – you have two days tops to optimize your metadata. Once you go past the time slot, the YT algorithm flags your video as less timely. After that, the journey better ranking becomes more daunting.

To eliminate your troubles, allow me to introduce one of the best tools for SEO called 'TubeBuddy.' The browser extension comes in handy when dealing with titles, descriptions, cards, annotations, etc.

Like VidIQ, TubeBuddy integrates perfectly with the YT interface and will disclose essential metrics on any video you play. You can find tags or titles working for other creators and use them for your benefit - this way; you can maximize your content reach in a short amount of time.


Tunics are a YouTube SEO tool that can take you back by $800 a month but don't let that stop you from making that purchase. Did I tell you about Samsung? - the company brought in 20 times more traffic to its channel, all thanks to Tunics.

The software comes with a "tag suggestion tool" that recommends tags relevant to your video's topic. These are not any tags; tunics picks them for you based on search volume. It leaves no stone unturned to bring you the best possible metadata suggestions to rank higher.

Tunics guide you through all steps of the YouTube SEO process, providing suggestions for your videos. The tool analyzes your content from the time of upload - it uses red, yellow, and green lights to indicate the performance of your videos.

When you have a red marker on one of your videos, Tunics will tell you everything you need to do to turn it back to green.

Answer the public

Answer the public a is a convenient YouTube SEO tool that tells you exactly what your audience is looking for. All you need to do is enter a seed keyword, and the website will scourge the net to find questions people have relevant to your search term.

The questions are categorized by who, what, why, when, where, and how for better understanding.

You can structure your content based on insights provided by ATP because the website helps you understand your audience preference when your business is concerned.

Getting audiences to trust your business is more important than getting buyers for your product - this is why "answer the public" is an indispensable tool that lets you vibe at your viewer's frequency.


When you ask a veteran marketer about his preference in YouTube SEO tools, few won't know about 'Ahrefs.'

The paid version can cost you $99, and you will be charged every month. But investment is worth it, as Ahref is the only tool you'll need to undertake keyword research for your YouTube videos. 

Ahrefs will provide data relevant to YouTube keywords and provide a free hand to research on your own. You can find search volume and competition for each keyphrase which is handy.

YouTube Analytics

Want to know what is working for you and what is not? - what better place to find out than YouTube Analytics.

You can keep your audience entertained for a long time when you know what they expect from you. Learning about your viewer's interests will help you create videos that your viewers with share - this gives you more valuable insights to keep the growth on an upward trajectory.

Youtubers preferred creating longer content because the YT algorithm considers 'watch time' to rank a video. Hence, you can get a bird' eye view on metrics like audience retention, average percentage viewed, and average view duration available in 'watch time' and 'real time' reports on the analytics dashboard.

Be on the lookout for videos that are responsible for the majority of subscribers on your channel. Your subscribers are the ones who will give you more views, watch time, likes, and comments, which consequently helps your videos rank higher in YT search results. You can buy YouTube comments to make your content look credible.

YouTube analytics is a free YouTube SEO tool that you can access from your YT Studio dashboard.

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To sum up

YouTube is where many people spend their leisure time. It is also a place where businesses look to market their products and services. If your channel can benefit from more traffic, then video optimization is a skill you must master. 

However, it is easier said than done. Gaining the necessary expertise for YouTube SEO takes considerable time - but once mastered, it can open doors to new possibilities.

The tools for SEO described in this article can help you zero in on your topic, discover relevant keywords, optimize your YT tags, video title, and create eye-catching visual graphics to attract your audience's attention.

Pro Tip: Buy YouTube likes, comments or subscribers to maximize the impact of your SEO efforts.

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