Top 10 YouTube SEO tools for your channel in 2021

It takes more than merely uploading video after video to increase your YouTube reach and video rankings. When you prioritize quality above number, you'll get greater outcomes. That's how you may climb the rankings and claim the top place, soaring your video views and subscribers - or at the very least, quit churning out poor films to fulfill some arbitrary quota. However, as anybody who has tried to improve their YouTube video views and reach will attest, it isn't simple as every day, 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are seen. Fortunately, we've discovered 10 fantastic YouTube SEO tools that will help you on your way to a larger and more engaged YT audience. However, to attract an audience or gain engagement, to buy organic YouTube subscribers can be your magic move as well.

The Importance of YouTube Optimization

YT is a highly effective search engine. It is, in reality, the world's second most used search engine, after Google. Google, on the other hand, is a big fan of YT material. Video material stands out from the rest of the search results when you conduct a Google search:

You place yourself in a great position to rank better on Google and YT's internal search if you focus on generating the proper YT video with the right keywords and tags.

YouTube SEO Tools 2021

YT marketing will almost certainly be worthwhile, but if you want to get the most out of it, you'll need to make sure that your videos fit with those search trends and are 'findable' when viewers browse for similar material.

You'll need certain tools to accomplish this. These applications and strategies can assist you in optimizing your YT videos for user searches

Google trends

Nothing aids YT SEO more than real audience interest in the topics you cover. Content that is 'YouTube-able' comes in a variety of forms and sizes; the challenge is to locate yours.

Google Trends is a good place to start. To do so, enter in your search term, select 'YouTube Search,' and then select a geographic location, category, and time period to narrow down the results. You may take it a step further by adding a topic to which you can compare your main topic to see how they compare. For each topic, Google Trends also provides a list of related searches, as well as maps that show audience interest across geographies. (You can look at the option to buy YouTube likes as well to tell the audience you have a likable content)

For each topic, Google Trends also provides a list of related searches, as well as maps that show audience interest across geographies. If necessary, you may also save, embed, and distribute all of this information.

Perks:look for breakout patterns in related keywords to improve your video's ranking potential

Price: The service is completely free

 Google Ads

Investing the effort to identify the right keyword/s for your content is arguably the finest YT strategy investment you can make. It is one of the easiest free YouTube SEO tool to use.

Let's look at Google Ads' Keyword Planner while we're on the subject of free first-hand data sources. With a theme in mind, you may do a raw keyword study to find the most promising search words and queries.

Keyword Planner generates a large number of keyword suggestions based on the seed keyword/s, search settings, and filters (if any) you choose. You can narrow down the best matches by looking at the average monthly searches and competition. Then, with a single click, you can export your keyword list, complete with all data.

Perks:  you may enter up to 10 keywords at once; putting in a URL also works.

Price: The software is available for free.

Rank Tracker

You may also utilize YT autocomplete for advanced keyword research, either directly on the site or through a dedicated keyword research and analysis service like Rank Tracker.

Rank Tracker allows you to get keyword ideas from YT's suggestions and displays important data like search traffic, projected visits, and competitiveness making it the perfect helping aid for people wondering how do you get the best SEO on YouTube?

You can also use Rank Tracker to perform a fast ranking check and find the keywords that generate highlighted snippets for video. Keep track of the keywords with the largest search volume; these are the ones that will most likely help you rank in organic search

Perks: Set YT as your search engine after your videos are up and running to follow their ranks.

Price: Paid versions start at $124 for Professional and $299 for Enterprise; a free version and trial are also available.


When it comes to YouTube SEO, optimizing your video content is just as important as optimizing the content of your websites as After Netflix, YT is the second most popular place for millennials to watch online video content. The difference is that there's no time to spare. The metadata optimization deadline is 48 hours after your video goes live; if you miss it, the algorithm will label your material as less timely, making it much more difficult to recover.

TubeBuddy is a browser plugin that simplifies channel management and assists with things like titles, descriptions, tags, notes, cards, and more. Once you've incorporated the tool into YT, it'll provide you important information into all of the YT videos you watch. By retrieving any video's tags, you may increase your organic reach and save a lot of time hunting for the best matches within the 500-character restriction.

TubeBuddy also offers optimization advice and ideas to help you expand your channel. Additionally, the tool may do automatic checks to guarantee that your videos are properly put up (i.e., they comply with YT's guidelines). This app is a strong answer to people being dicy or asking does YouTube SEO really work?

Perks: Use the 'Vid2Vid' function to promote your previous films in the descriptions of new uploads as an added bonus.

Price: Paid plans start at $9/mo (Pro), $19/mo (Star), and $49/mo (Legend), with a free version accessible as well.


VidIQ is another channel management software that works as a browser plugin, displaying vital statistics for every YT video you visit - meaning easy competition research and comprehensive analytics for every video you find.

The 'Most Viewed' component of the tool allows you to compare and contrast YT's most popular videos. You may add particular rival channels and compare them to your own for more intelligence. You may learn which practices you can consider applying to improve performance by doing your own 24/7 channel audit.

You can take it a step further by setting up email notifications to keep an eye on current subjects in your field (or on the channels of your rivals). You may also utilize the 'Facebook Syndication' option to immediately distribute your video across platforms for increased reach (though you should exercise caution when cross-posting).

Perks: Bulk copy cards and end screens, as well as bulk edit end screens, are available as a bonus.

Price: Paid plans start at $7.50 per month (Pro) and $39 per month (Boost); free and Enterprise versions are also available.

YouTube Analytics

When it comes to recognizing your channel's strengths and weaknesses, YT Analytics is simply the best. Knowing more about your audience, the material that draws them in - and keeps them there - as well as the videos they want to share, can help you maintain and build your YT presence.

Longer videos have been proven to perform better. We also know that all YT algorithms are based on watch time, therefore it makes sense to evaluate your average view length, average percentage seen, and audience retention using the Watch Time and Realtime reports. You certainly have a tool as an answer to which is the best SEO tool in 2021?

It's also important to know which of your films generates the most subscribers, as new subscribers offer you a big benefit in YT search. When done correctly, encouraging your audience to subscribe, like, and comment is a certain method to improve your rating.

Perks: Examine your Interaction data from the last six months for patterns in likes, favorites, comments, or sharing.

Price: The tool is completely free to use.


On YT, user interaction with the video is still the most important ranking criteria. As a result, keeping an eye on the buzz surrounding your YT video - both on the platform and outside - is essential.

Fetching mentions of your video and keywords is simple with a social monitoring service like Awario - simply input your movie's URL to set up an alert and gather linkless mentions that are already a ranking indication for Google.

You may use a Boolean search for more precise queries - set up a focused search to collect current mentions and find new link sources.

Awario can help you implement custom search operators, combine groups of terms, apply extra language or country restrictions, and much more.

Views, likes, comments, and subscriber numbers, including new subscribers, are all ranking criteria, with some having a higher weighting than others. Comments, on the other hand, are of particular importance since they reveal a great deal about user involvement.

To guarantee that none of your audience's input goes unnoticed, you may Like and comment straight from Awario's dashboard.

Perks: Awario may also be used to do competition research by configuring the program to just track YT results.

Price: Paid plans cost $29/mo (Starter), $89/mo (Pro), and $299/mo (Enterprise); free is there as well


When planning your YT SEO strategy, Canva Channel art might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, with tools like Canva, (a free YouTube SEO tool ) being creative has never been simpler - so why not take advantage?

Canva is a freemium graphic design tool that may let you express your inner designer through a variety of graphics, such as a logo or a mind map. To boost your click-through rates, you may express your artistic self as part of your YT SEO efforts by creating channel art and thumbnails.

You may either start from scratch or browse through the categories and select one of the app's templates: Canva's drag-and-drop interface allows you to further tweak professionally created layouts, resulting in unique and appealing graphics and reinventing the appearance of your channel.

Perks: Canva's mobile app allows you to create designs and collaborate on projects while on the move.

Price: Canva Pro costs $12.95 per month, and Enterprise is available upon request. There's also a plan that's completely free.

  YouTube Auto-Suggest

If you've ever looked for a video on YT, you'll notice that as soon as you start typing, YT begins to propose keywords and phrases to aid you in your search:

This is a fantastic free YouTube SEO tool for users, but it is also a fantastic one for producers. You may put your keyword or topic into the YT search area and utilize the autosuggest results to identify keywords to include in your video description, tags, and title, similar to Google Trends.


RapidTags is a free application that produces tags for YT videos rapidly. For various places, you can apply a language filter. Simply type your desired phrase into the search box to generate a list of tags for your YT videos.

Final Thoughts

With YouTubing having become a worldwide hobby as well as a lucrative line of employment, video optimization is a skill that every marketer should learn - and learn quickly. YT SEO is neither quick nor simple, but once understood, it can be highly profitable. You can buy YouTube comments to increase rankings as well.

Use the tools that appear to be the greatest match for your workflow, and use this list as a guide to making the most of the platform's ever-expanding capabilities.

Do share your experience!