Top Influencer Marketing Agency in India

YTInsta is the top influencer marketing agency in India, designing and executing bespoke influencer marketing campaigns complemented by most marketing strategies.

Top Influencer Marketing Agency in India

We provide innovative content created by our talented social media influencers to help brands and businesses in unique ways to explain and elucidate the processes, services, products, and attributes of the business in a highly effective and compelling manner.

We have earned a reputation of being the best influencer marketing platform in India with our sheer hard work, passion, dedication, and expertise in pour field.

We help brands amplify word of mouth buzz, accelerate the viral velocity of the service, product, or brand, and supercharge your social sharing by leveraging the influencers’ power to ‘show not tell’ in an engaging and authentic way. Whether you are looking for a one-off campaign or hire our influencer marketing services as an annual package at a global or national scale.

Our market researchers, market managers, and creative strategists align with your goal and objectives to ensure that it is a massive success. YTInsta’s team of highly talented influencer managers has aced the game and knows how to discover, vet, coordinate, collaborate and track influencers at scale. Working as the backbone of the top influencer marketing agency ,our wide-ranging influencer network helps us in easy identification and contact the perfect brand ambassador for your brand.

Let your brand get wings to soar high through effective and results-oriented influencer marketing campaigns that open floodgates to scrolls, leading to clicks and ultimately sales.

Hire our influencer marketing services today and get ready to enjoy sky-kissing success!

How does our Influencer Marketing Platform work?

Influencer Marketing Platform

Data-Driven Insights

As the leading influencer marketing platform in India, we have developed data-driven insights that make our creative process more effective, efficient, and scalable. According to Forbes, the last two years have been instrumental in the growth and rise of influencer marketing. In 2022, brands are projected to spend $15 billion on influencer marketing which is no mean feat. This certainly proves that influencer marketing is on a successful trajectory and can immensely help brands and businesses to touch greater heights. The race for creator friendly tools is on based on the growing requirement of more engagement. Those days are not far when influencers will take over the entire marketing funnel. See More

Influencer Marketing Platform in India

Latest technologies

YTInsta has designed and developed technologies that represent a systematic and proven methodology for helping influencers engage their audiences. Learning’s from several campaigns and years of experience have helped us distill down these blueprints into replicable creative approaches and optimize the same to achieve the desired results. We help brands come up with an engaging and interactive experience for influencers. Our team has codified each blueprint nicely and knows the exact formula for success. This has helped our clients free up and focuses on strategic and creative brand messaging. See More

Influencer Marketing Company

Data Power

We have always relied on data and its strength to power our influencer marketing campaigns. We use data like engagement rate, subscribers count, engagement interactions, comments count, authenticity and relevancy of the content, content length, organic reach, etc. through the influencer marketing channels. Starting from evaluating influencers and their talent through our system to assigning values to each influencer based on key metrics like audience size, engagement, and fit, we go on to ideate content using market research capabilities and in-house survey. Lastly, we ensure that everything is seamless and executed to the minutes detail by tracking everything from reach to impressions. See More

Influencer Marketing Expert

Influencer Marketing Expert’s Analysis and Reporting

We create Key Performance Indicators or KPIs depending on client’s business goals. Using KPIs, the influencer marketing campaign is thoroughly analyzed and final results are shared by the influencer marketing professionals. The results are indicative of campaign success in terms of objectives or goals achievement. Quantitative metrics we solely rely on are total views, impressions, likes, sales, shares, etc. We also keep an eye on changing audience behaviour before and after the campaign. Using our help, you can plan and optimize your future campaigns because this comparative advantage will lead you towards greater reach, more traffic, and conversions, a holy grail for any brand’s success. See More

A Comprehensive Range of Influencer Marketing Services

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Wide Experience from Startups to Local Service Providers

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Why Choose the Top Influencer Marketing Company

Amplified Brand Awareness

The company helps you enjoy a massive reach amid your target audience with carefully-curated influencer marketing campaigns. Our campaigns are reinforced with value-added content to power your brand awareness. When your brand is endorsed or recommended by an influencer, their followers are certainly going to take notice. Furthermore, these recommendations are considered as genuine when it comes from a trusted influencer.
The leading influencer marketing company in India has a pool of highly talented and followed influencers, celebrities in their own field. So, you can use our services to help spread the word about your brand.
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Leaders in Influencer Marketing

Backed with years of experience and expertise in the influencer marketing industry, we have painstakingly carved a niche for ourselves as industry leaders in influencer marketing. We are performance-oriented, and have the bandwidth to successfully drive a campaign from ideation to implementation stage.
Our team of influencer marketing strategists’ experts, and marketing professionals bring more than seven years of experience on board which helps us in putting together a winner influencer marketing campaign.

Our customized influencer marketing strategies fulfill every brand’s unique needs.
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Precise Audience Targeting

The platform effortlessly identify and target the right audience. Our experience and expertise help us to do this correctly and ensure that this part of the marketing strategy is taken care of with precision. Although it is a laborious and painstaking process, our deep understanding of the market and potential customers make it possible to do it efficiently. This also helps us in ensuring client satisfaction as our efforts are in the right direction. With more than 10,000 personalized influencer marketing campaigns under our belt, we ensure utmost performance and delivery of campaigns in record time. See More

Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer Marketing is an integral part of digital marketing that uses the talent of influencers from diverse niches to promote a specific brand. Often, influencers promote a brand on their feed. When their followers come across this feed and see a specific brand through the eyes of the influencer, the chances of conversions rises. Influencers are trusted to give genuine opinions and reviews among their followers.

No, influencer marketing and celebrity promotions are different. To begin with, influencers are not as famous as celebrities, but still their followers value them because of their unique approach. They communicate with them to build a long-term and strong relationship which is a task not done by the celebrities. Moreover, brand promotion by a celebrity is quite expensive as compared to influencer marketing.

Micro-influencers have a following of somewhere around 5000 to 100000 followers. They could be fashion bloggers, food bloggers, lifestyle enthusiasts, travel bloggers, book reviewers, fitness bloggers, mom influencers, investors, etc. Niche bloggers enjoy a higher engagement rate and they can easily take the business a step higher with their power of increasing brand awareness and strong opinions.

Influencer marketing is perfect for mid-sized and small businesses or startups. Since budget is a constraint for this sized businesses, influencer marketing gives the right boost to their business goals with curated strategies. These brands can successfully create a buzz. Thus, small businesses must go for influencer marketing rather than traditional marketing.

Being the leading influencer marketing platform in India, YTInsta is single-handedly helping brands to achieve the target goals by building brand awareness, increase sales, grow market share, target new customers, launch new services or products, build trust with customers and more. It creates productive campaigns and run them with the right influencers, driving your brand in the higher echelons.