Top 15 Influencer Apps for Brand Collaboration In 2022

Influencer marketing is among the finest marketing methods businesses can be used to communicate with their intended audience's hearts, but choosing the proper influencer for their promotion is among the most difficult issues most brands confront. On the contrary, Influencers find it harder to get high-paying contracts since the number of brilliant producers is growing more and more. That is where the influencer apps for brand collaboration arrive, as they act as a marketplace for influencers and brands looking to collaborate .

Let us look at a list of the top 15 apps for influencers to connect with brands in India. Explore these brand collaboration apps in India if you are a marketer searching for influencers to expand your brand or an influencer searching for platforms that may link you to your favorite companies.

List of the Best Apps for Brand Collaboration for Influencers

1 . IndaHash

Indahash is a global influencer marketing network that connects clients with influencers all around the planet. It is a free app that enables influencers and content creators to generate income by engaging in product campaigns through their social media networks. Once signed in to the application, you will have a list of advertisements organized by brand and ones that are just viewable to you, depending on your proļ¬les.

So far, IndaHash has connected about 1,000,000 influencers and about 500+ businesses in 80 countries worldwide. It is primarily concerned with 3 social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. To become an influencer on IndaHash, one should satisfy certain criteria, some of which are as follows:

2. Collabor8


Unlike some other applications on our list, Collabor8 facilitates a direct connection between the influencer and the brand rather than acting as a mediator.

Collabor8 creates a space for influencers and marketers to connect, but it will not impose many regulations. Brands and influencers establish criteria for who they want to collaborate with, such as brand kinds and follower counts. It recognizes all types of influencers. So even if you are a micro-influencer with 2,000 followers or a mega-influencer with a million or more followers, it makes no difference.

Then, Collabor8 displays matched results to subscribers. Parties discuss to work out the things of any partnership. Influencers are paid through an escrow service managed by the app, preventing fraud. Next, you could offer a rating to assist others in deciding whether this is a suitable collaboration for them or not.

3. Intellifluence


Intellifluence is among the prominent collaboration apps for influencers that connect influencers and companies. In addition to engaging with companies, you can use this influencer marketing platform to connect with other influencers in the same field to improve your visibility.

It integrates with popular social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Brands can manage the whole influencer marketing strategy inside Intellifluence without the need to purchase additional software or services for campaign maintenance.

Intellifluence's influencer marketing solution streamlines every step of your influencer marketing strategy. Apart from the apparent benefit of time management, executing many campaigns in one go is significantly easier.

4. Heartbeat for Ambassadors


Heartbeat is yet another influencer network that provides money processing and influencer matching. It is one-of-a-kind in various aspects.

The procedure will be less scary as a result, and you will receive more appropriate offers. Overall, it has a simple environment where you can master the skill of cooperating with businesses.

5. ExpertVoice


ExpertVoice uniquely approaches product promotion. The platform's purpose is for individuals to know about the latest products and services in their field and suggest the best ones. It has connected more than 500 firms, including over 1 million influencers who submit product suggestions and reviews.

In exchange, clients receive savings on the most recent equipment. Retail staff, well-known sportspeople, and recognized influencers are all eligible specialists. It implies you can even monetize your access to consumers at work. To get admitted, you must first complete an application.

Furthermore, the businesses do not pay for content; instead, they educate and give discounts to suggest their products. A terrific alternative for new influencers and those who provide offline assistance. Influencers may provide an honest evaluation to their target audience if they have adequate information and understanding about a certain product. The app's UI is simple to use.

6. SocialLadder


Whether you are an influencer looking for brand relationships, SocialLadder is the place to be. It links businesses searching for brand ambassadors with influencers keen to work with them.

SocialLadder assists you in managing your influencers successfully. As a brand, you can utilize this platform to speed up interaction, assign digital and in-person tasks, measure engagement, and recognize successful brand ambassadors. It is compatible with Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter, among other platforms.

7. Octoly


Octoly is an influencer marketing application that has integrated nearly 300 businesses, including around 40,000 influencers in various sectors such as beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and healthcare.

The app is easy to use and contact customer service quickly and easily. However, it only functions on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, and each social media network has its own set of restrictions.

8. TribeFluence H3


TribeFluence is a platform that links low-cost influencers with companies or advertising. Brands charge some fees according to the number of people they wish to target. The service connects marketers with the best social media influencers and micro-influencers for a certain item or demography.

TribeFluence allows marketers to connect with influencers all across the world in a couple of minutes. It's a fantastic way for influencers to advertise whatever they care about while still getting compensated. The software is simple and integrates with popular social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



IZEA is a content and influencer marketing platform founded even before the influencer marketing business became popular. They assist businesses in connecting with the appropriate influencers to expand their influencer marketing efforts.

Influencers on IZEA always have a chance to network with some of the most well-known businesses in their field. It is distinguished by its great services, which result from years of expertise. It includes all of the apps and resources you would expect from an influencer marketplace, including the ability to locate social media influencers, collaborate with them, make payments, distribute content, and manage campaigns.

10. REP


You might have clients that wish to deal directly with you or via an in-house content company with REP. You may work with brands from a variety of sectors here. Unlike some applications, you may speak with other members, and there is a minimal barrier to joining.

It implies that brands may select you even when you are beginning out. The core concept is that parties must interact in any way they see fit. Another distinguishing feature is the ability to participate in prizes. You may submit branded material into a giveaway by posting it on the platform. In addition, the app handles payments, customer management, and even analytics.

11. Skreem


Skreem is an influencer marketplace established in India on which you can discover a wide selection of influencers for your company, ranging from nano-influencers to mega-celebrities.

It is compatible with practically all social networking platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You may sign up as a brand, create an account, and search for influencers depending

on your campaign objectives. Its clarity with campaigns boosts your productivity, and It's incredibly simple to use.



MNFST is a platform that allows people to first time monetize their influence. It implies you don't need to be an expert influencer to work with great brands. Instead, you can earn experience as your social media following develops. It works for Twitter and Instagram only.

In addition, instead of merely promoting products, it allows influencers to promote issues and charities which are crucial to people.



Facebook has approved TRIBE as a marketing partner. It's also widely utilized on Instagram. There will be 2 basic ways businesses may work with you through TRIBE. In the first instance, they may ask you to create content for them to share on social media.

However, you essentially become a member of their design team temporarily. Their second option for paying sponsored content on your social media platforms through a traditional influencer marketing campaign. Once the job is approved, you are paid via their escrow system. Additionally, the app allows marketers to work with existing consumers who have purchased the products or send them samples.

14. Ainfluencer


Ainfluencer is an Instagram-based influencer platform where marketers can search and collaborate with Instagram influencers. It can assist you in using the potential of Instagram marketing, regardless of how bigger or smaller your following is.

The Ainfluencer app has useful features like Offer Chat, allowing brands and influencers to communicate and cooperate on content. In addition, it offers an additional degree of protection to transactions between both the influencer and the company.

15. Popular Pays


If you would like to monetize your influence on a few lesser-known sites or if you have a blog. Popular Pays offers a network of around 60,000 influencers across a wide range of industries. They can assist you in finding work for tiny niche items for large companies.

Even when your presence has grown dramatically, you may locate suitable partners here. The further idea is to make content that firms request and then sell the copyrights to post on social media. Manage your connections yourself or delegate everything to others. It's all up to you.


Numerous influencer apps in the market can assist in brand collaboration with influencers. The first step in adopting influencer marketing for your business is choosing which influencer platform is ideal for you. Several platforms are available, but each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So explore your options before making any decision.