Best influencer marketing platform in India with verified influencers in 2021

Best influencer marketing platform in India

The concept of influencer marketing, which Western organizations first conceptualized and practised, is quickly picking up pace in the Indian market.

According to a report by sprout social, brands that invest in influencer marketing campaigns get ten times more ROI than other traditional marketing mediums. I see no reason why a business should not allocate a substantial budget towards this form of promotion.

Now, let's talk about an influencer. They are just like you and me. The only difference is, these people have accumulated the trust of hundreds of thousands of people on multiple social media platforms. These online stars get compensated for promoting a brand (or their services) by capitalizing on their built popularity.

Brand and influencers are two parts of a whole. They need to come together and work on the same wavelength to succeed. Therefore, an Influencer marketing agency is required to ensure that all transactions and activities are carried out smoothly without hindrance. As per state influencer marketing benchmark report the industry grew by 240 agencies in 2019, bringing the total to 1360 at the end of 2020.

This article will talk about some of the best influencer marketing platforms in India that you can approach for your business needs. So stay with us till the end.

Top Influencer marketing agencies in India

Grynow, is a popular marketing agency founded and managed by IIT and IIM alumni. The company is based in Haryana and has a five-year-long history of success.

Throughout their time, has collaborated with 50000 + influencers on 100 + projects. They have also worked with over 200 clients: Facebook, Paytm, Oneplus, Amazon, and more.

The company provides complete 360-degree marketing solutions on platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok, with the help of their family of Influencers. So if you are a marketer looking to promote your product or services on these social media sites, then is the place to be.

Credit is given where it is due. The company attributes their success to their highly qualified copywriters, designers, video editors, SEO experts etc. Their joint effort has made the best influencer marketing agency in India.

The agency emphasizes its marketing and positioning strategy, optimized based on data acquired from different sources. The campaigns executed by the company are bound for success, owing to their ability to capitalize on popular trends and user-generated content.


Plixxo, founded by the CEO of POPxo - Priyanka Gill, is host to more than 26000 influencers. The company works with top brands and Influencers. To name a few, we have bloggers like Riya Jain, Aashna Shroff, Aakriti Rana, Devina Malhotra.

Being one of India's best influencer marketing platforms, the company has collaborated with brands like Nike, Puma, Fastrack, Maybelline, Jabong, Westside, etc. If you are a Youtuber, blogger or influencer on Instagram, you can visit Plixxo and be part of their paid campaigns.

The company is one of the best in the industry. Hence it has a standard to maintain. Upon receiving your details, Plixxo will do a rundown of your profile, including analyzing your reach and other statistics. This process helps all parties involved. Pixo determines the authenticity of Influencers, and Influencers are convinced of the platform's ability to bring them relevant paid campaigns.

Businesses that choose Plixxo find it easier to search for the right influencers and determine the reach of their campaigns. The platform also helps brands by simplifying the process of collaboration with multiple influencers. is an agency known for its work with 25000 influencers and bloggers scattered across different niches. To name a few, we have Avneet Kaur (fashion and lifestyle), Siddharth Joshi (travel), Ashish chanchlani (comedy), Ranveer Allahbadia (health and fitness), Technical Guruji (tech), Aditya Deepak (Gaming) and many more. 

This influencer marketing agency in India has partnered with many famous brands like Tata Cliq, khata book, Himalaya herbals, Sony music, Paytm, Nykaa etc. The company aims to have its clients collaborate with some of the most influential personalities within their industry.

Influencer marketing is picking up pace. The industry will continue to grow to new heights in the near future. As per the survey undertaken by influencer marketing hub, 79% of all businesses plan to allocate a separate budge for their projects. Keep this in mind, the professionals at the agency wants brands to work with Influencers who can meet all their campaign requirements.

The company aims to forge an everlasting relationship between their clients and influencers - they would not go the extra mile to see that it happens. With their valuable insights, the expert staff at Influencer assists influencers tasked with producing content for the campaign. Every action taken from finding the right Influencers to creating engaging content is done with client’s objectives in mind.


OPA is a top Influencer marketing agency in India, specialized in dealing with micro and macro-influencers.

Since its conception, the company has collaborated with 100 + clients on various projects. Some notable ones are Himalaya, Marico, Lakme, Plum, The Man Company and Wow.

Although new, the company is known to offer their services at low prices. It also boasts one of the largest networks of influencers spread across multiple social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram - the number currently stands at 50,000.

Influencers wanting to get in touch with the agency can do so by registering on their official app. The company follows an invite-only approach for collaboration.

From a business perspective, you stand the chance of procuring thousands of influencers' services at a price equivalent to hiring one celebrity. The agency has played a significant role in the success of many social media campaigns.


Winkl, a Bangalore-based agency, is considered one of India's best influencer marketing platforms. The company is known for its work with some of the top influencers in India, who span across 20 + niches.

The agency has come up with an innovative way to automate the process of influencer marketing. They allow their influencers and bloggers to create their media kits, which lets them display their work, get reviews and link up with relevant businesses for a partnership.

In the past, Winkl has brought together popular brands and influencers for a rewarding venture. For example, the company collaborated with a renowned musician, Pratik Kuhad, to promote Flipkart's new Nokia SMART television series in one of the singers Instagram live sessions. According to big commerce, 69% of marketers spent majority of their budget on Instagram campaigns.

The YouTube channel beebomb was also roped in for the campaign at the time of the big billion days event organized by the E-Commerce giant. The video received 600,000 + views and created widespread awareness for Nokia's smart TV. 

As one of India's top influencer marketing agencies, Winkl has a mechanism that helps parties involved track the campaign's performance on different social media platforms. Valuable metrics like reach, cost, and engagement rate are available at your fingertips.

To sum up

Influencer marketing is on the rise and is soon expected to outperform other forms of promotion. It stands apart due to its ability to facilitate meaningful interaction between a brand and its target consumers.

Influencer marketing is profitable when you get value for your investment. The success of your campaigns should be your No.1 priority. To that end, you need assistance from some of the best influencer marketing platforms in India.

Top agencies have an intrinsic influencer network, enabling them to find the right social media personalities for your campaign - people who can effectively embody your business needs in their content.

We hope you have found value in the time you spent reading our article.

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